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Our Hispanic Services Council (HSC) education programs work to increase the academic performance of children in pre K through 12th grade by building the capacity of parents to engage in their children’s education and understanding the educational system in the United States. HSC assess the children’s developmental progress and connect them to services that prevent delays in getting them ready for Kindergarten.


Helping children develop the right routine, mindset, and attitude early on is essential in their academic growth. HSC starts by creating a one-on-one relationship with their parents to educate and empower them in making decisions that affect their children’s growth.

Our HSC bilingual and bi-cultural staff deeply understand the needs of the families in our community and connect them to the resources available within the school system to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities. This leads to greater rates of Latino children entering school and achieving lifelong academic success through their high school and college careers. We help along the process by offering students programs such as tutors in grades K- 8, and mentors for grades 6-12. Our mentorship programs offer students the opportunity to be paired up with a current or recently graduated college student who acts as a guide to educate them about the path to post secondary education.

For more information about HSC mentorships programs for your student, please contact us at:

Grades 6 -8

Luis Salazar -

Grades 9-12

Diana Maruri - 

Student Application for La Red Mas

Family Interest Form


Priority Areas

La Red De Padres Activos
(Network of Active Parents)

​La Red helps prepare children and youth who are in elementary and middle school for lifelong success by engaging parents – early on – to become bigger, stronger, more influential parts of their children's educational careers. Check out our video about La Red!

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Our Healthy Living programs are carried out by Promotoras (Community Health Workers) who play a key role as connectors, mediators, and messengers to help connect you to resources and information so you can achieve optimal physical and emotional health. They advocate for you to ensure you receive the health and nutrition support you need.

Watch Bridges to Health, a video about our health services.

Support offered by Promotoras

Assistance with snap application, Medical Insurance.

Promotoras will help you enroll or recertify your SNAP application, reducing food insecurity and allowing you to buy healthy food for your family. Promotoras can also help you apply for the Hillsborough County health insurance plan, if you meet the eligibility requirements.


Nutrition and Healthy Living Education

Our cooking classes will enhance your ability to cook nutritiously for your family. You will learn to cook with more fruits and vegetables, less salt and more spices to prepare healthy and delicious meals! Promotoras also provide lessons on how to become a more informed advocate for your health and how to create a meaningful relationship with your health care provider.


Connecting to Health
Resources Promotoras will connect you with community resources to address your medical concerns and those of your family. These include free clinics, health events and exams, and medical providers.

To learn more about how you and your family can lead healthier lives, email us by clicking here.

Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

Our Immigration Legal Services and Advocacy program provides access to compassionate, professional and affordable immigration legal services to individuals and families seeking to establish or adjust their immigration status and become U.S. citizens.

Immigration Legal Services and Advocacy (ILSA)

HSC is a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognized agency led by a fully accredited representative. Her accreditation allows her to represent clients in Immigration Court, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) as well as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ILSA has expertise in:


  • Family petitions

  • Adjustment of status

  • Work permits

  • Deferred Action

  • Affidavits of Support

  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

  • U.S. Citizenship

  • UVisa/VAWA

  • DACA

  • Asylum

Check out this video about​ how HSC's Immigration Legal Services can offer you assistance.

To have your voice heard & learn more about your voting rights click here. 

Economic Mobility

Economic Mobility
Bicycle Repair Shop

HSC is working on developing programs and services that promote financial stability and resiliency. We aim to provide opportunities for individuals and families to improve their economic status and financial wellbeing to have more productive lives. This section will be updated soon with this information. To find out more about our plans, please contact us at 813-936-7700 or email us.

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