Uvalde Tragedy

Jun 29, 2022

A month after the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, HSC mourns the loss of the victims, many of whom were part of the Hispanic community. In the time since, a new bipartisan gun safety bill was introduced to Congress and most recently passed by President Biden that addresses gun safety changes for the first time in decades.

The bill requires more thorough background checks for individuals ages 18-21 by encouraging states to take into consideration juvenile records before an individual purchases a gun. Additionally, it contributes funding for “red flag” laws, which allows for entities such as law enforcement to petition a court for the removal of an individual’s firearms if they are a threat to themselves or those around them. Unlike past legislation, this bill also expands the current ban on domestic abusers owning guns; before, only spouses or former spouses convicted of domestic abuse were disallowed from purchasing a gun, but this measure would now include barring gun purchases from any dating partners convicted of domestic abuse. Lastly, the bill increases funding for crisis intervention programs in addition to mental health programs and school security measures.

According to the Violence Policy Center, Latinos are disproportionately affected by gun violence; homicide is the third leading cause of death for Hispanic ages 15 to 24, many of which were carried out using a firearm. Every year, over 4,000 Latinos die as a result of gun violence. HSC will continue to inform and update the community of the latest news within the current gun violence discussion and related issues.