La RED de Padres Activos (Network of Active Parents)

Your child's future is in your hands!
Raising children is tough – making sure they’re healthy, happy and successful in school is a challenge, especially if both parents are busy working long hours to make ends meet. Fortunately, your Hispanic Services Council offers La RED De Padres Activos (Network of Active Parents), a unique initiative aimed at helping Latino parents ensure the educational success of their children now and throughout life.


Did you know…
…in Hillsborough County, Latinos are the youngest, largest and fastest growing minority group, making up more than 25% of our population, yet in elementary school, Hispanic children are under performing dramatically! La RED helps prepare these kids for lifelong success by engaging parents – early on – to become bigger, stronger, more influential parts of their children's educational careers.      

By joining La RED, you’ll:  
• Share your experiences nurturing your child's growth;
• Gather new techniques to support your child's development;
• Learn how to advocate for your child's academic success;
• Strengthen your teaching skills to help your child become a great student; and
• Access resources to help your family stay healthy, happy and whole.


What’s best – is that it’s all FREE of charge and now serves the Drew Park, North Tampa, Palmetto Beach, Plant City and Wimauma communities.

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