Healthy Choices / Healthy Life

The Healthy Choices / Healthy Life project is a joint venture between the National Council de La Raza (NCLR) and the Hispanic Services Council.

This initiative expands on NCLR current health and wellness efforts by developing, implementing, and evaluating a culturally and linguistically appropriate evidence-based "Promotores de Salud (Community Health Promoters)" initiative to reduce obesity risk factors by 10% among underserved Latinos in targeted areas in the United States.

The main goal of this project in Hillsborough County is to promote the development of a healthy style of living among Wimauma residents by engaging and educating 80-100 community members in good healthy habits. The “Promotores de Salud” team (10 in total) will be trained by a NCLR representative on how to implement the Seleccion Sana, Vida Saludable project.

Once trained, they will prepare an action plan to define how, when and where they will conduct 10-12 Neighborhood Dialogue groups (charlas communtarias) to deliver the Healthy Choice / Healthy Life lessons. After these educational sessions, the Promotor will also conduct 3-month follow-ups with at least 50 community members to determine changes in the participants’ healthy practices as a result of these training sessions.