The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County partners with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay to bring you the Child Development Infoline (CDI) and resource database. By networking with the community, CDI gathers information about current services, and then passes that information on to families.

Help Me Grow

Child Development Infoline (CDI)


Child Development Infoline (CDI) is a free service offering screening & linkages to the resources needed to help your child develop from birth to age five.


What is Help Me Grow?

Parents, family members and friends can call Help Me Grow’s CDI to speak with a care coordinator who will discuss the child’s progress. Call CDI if you:


  • Have questions about your child’s development, behavior or learning.

  • Need support to access developmental services.

  • Want to help a family member or friend find out more information about developmental services.


We’ll spend time going through a developmental questionnaire to assess your child’s needs. Your doctor can connect you with appropriate medical and health-related resources. CDI can provide additional assistance through other available services.


What is developmental screening?

  • Developmental Screening is a brief standardized tool that aids in identifying children at risk of a developmental disorder.

  • If identifies areas in which a child’s development differs from what is considered normal development in children of the same age.


Who should be screened?

All children, birth through age five, should be screened regularly prior to school entry.


Why is developmental screening important?

  • Every child grows differently, but if a child misses a critical stage, they may have a developmental delay.

  • Early experiences your baby or toddler has are shaping the way her/his brain will learn and react to life.

  • Eighty percent of the brain is wired for learning by age three. The earlier you help your child, the more prepared they can be for school.


What happens after my child has been screened?

  • If a concern is identified, your child may qualify for special services. With your consent, a care coordinator will direct you to the appropriate community resource, send the information to your child’s doctor and complete the follow-up.

  • Even if your child is doing well, it’s important to continue with regular screenings.


Contact us to learn about community resources to enhance your child’s development. Child Development Infoline – 813-425-GROW (4769)



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